NEWS LETTER FEBRUARY 2017 – All ACTA3 devices now protected by TLS 1.0 with 256 bit encryption 

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As a key supplier of biometrics and RFID IoT ID management products for workforce management, Time & attendance, Payroll, Security and ID video surveillance solution, our emphasis has always been to achieve a stable yet reliable, secure and be also able to deal with network stoppages and renew network attack on IoT devices.


This currently newsletter addresses the issues of network security, what you should expect from the IoT devices in your physical security network?


SSL encryption has been pre-dominate as referred encryption technology for network security for many years. However, SSL also has many vulnerabilities which can be easily exploited subjected the IoT to attack by hackers. This is the reason why TLS 1.0 has now become the defacto standard for network security and deployed by all webrowsers. TLS 1.0 is 256 bit encrypted securing two entities in a network with data confidentiality, data integrity, replay protection and simple or mutual authentication eliminating many of the shortcomings of SSL.


All Acta3 firmware are now protected by TLS 1.0 and no longer support SSL encryption so that you can rest assure that our end-users are getting the best protection available and we will continue to plug any vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered.



I would like to take this opportunity to refresh you of  Jakin ID solution and Actatek products to support workforce management, Time & attendance, Payroll, Security and ID video surveillance solution. It provides cost effective scalable solution for small, medium and enterprise companies as per their customized needs:


1. AMS in-depth view of our private cloud ID management platform for security and work force management

2. Integration methodology;

3. ID-Video - this is our software which is integrated with Hikvision IP camera to take a snap shot of a video clip and time-stamped as part of event log. User can search for the video for tail-gating etc. It comes with 2D map of all ACTA3 and IP-cam icons, alerts, showing all event logs etc....

4. Smart-Time - workforce management software for enterprise;

5. UPS, 4G router connections etc...


Our solution and knowledge database site is rich with case studies, solutions for trouble shooting, user manuals etc. Our product website is www.actatek.comwith in-depth detail of our products.


We provide a full range of Middleware and API for integration with your and third-parties software:


1. Agent2 - allows you to simply collect the data from any SQL, Oracle, SAP and OBDC databases;

2. GoogleCloud - develop your own Google Cloud applications or integration via Google Cloud;

3. AMS API - our AMS is the cloud server platform managing all the IOTs in the netwrok;

4. SOAP -API - cross-platform API for raw integration for advanced developers.


We also have now a comprehensive knowledge database,,  which we will continue to improve and upload new materials:


a.      You can submit a ticket of any issues;

b.      There are marketing documents, presentations and videos for you to download;

c.      Training Videos for you to understand who certain function feature works;

d.      Middleware and API available for third parties application integration;

e.      Trouble shoot guidelines. Most of known issues during installations and operational know-how are included;

f.        Application software and mobile apps;

g.      User manuals;

h.     Demo sites;

i.        Warranty statements, extended warranty and extended technical support schemes;

j.        Home and DIY installation;

k.      Plus other miscellaneous items.



Please visit the site and let us have your comments to improve it further still.


I also would like to take this opportunity to offer our @80% discount from RRP demo case featuring a full integration of our cloud IOT biometric and RFID solutions as attached. Once our reseller purchased and received demo case, we can immediately arrange training on-line. Many of our resellers found this to be the most key investment they had made enabling them to gain an insight on our technology and solutions hence better presentation to end-users and closing deals quicker:


As many of you already known, our Face Book site is full of weekly news, installation pictures and full of installation ideas:


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